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Grace Bentley-Scheck

Bentley-Scheck uses a printmaking technique called collagraph – a matrix made using collage techniques - the basic end result being a relief block with different surface levels and textures. 

Grace Bentley-Scheck received her BFA and MFA from Alfred University, NY. She is a member of The Boston Printmakers, Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA), Los Angeles Printmaking Society, 19 on Paper, Art League of Rhode Island, and Printmakers Network of Southern New England.  Her work is in the collections of Knoxville Museum of Art, TN; Portland Art Museum, OR; Newport Art Museum, RI; Trenton State College, NJ; Tyler Gallery, State University of NY at Oswego; Bristol Community College, MA;  Rockford College, IL; University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, among others. 

“When viewers ask how I make my prints, a friend tells them, ‘It’s magic.’  Indeed, there is a magical quality to the process by which a drawing is transformed by the printmaking process into a new entity and the same image emerges from a plate each time it is inked.  Printmaking imposes limitations which govern the choice of subject and encourages using the language of the medium to seek the essence of the subject. The daughter of a civil engineer, my fascination with the geometry of the urban space is my initial impetus in choosing subjects.  For many years, my work has dealt with architecture as space humans enclose which becomes dynamic via its passage through time.  A sense of time is clearly understood at historic sites and is also seen in the process of renovation. . . Most of all, passage of time is recorded in the marks left by functional changes made in structures over many years by human design or the elements and in changing patterns of light and shadow as the sun makes its daily journey across the sky.  The processes of building a collagraph plate layer by layer and the marks that result in the printing process have been evocative in expressing these subjects.”