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Marsden Hartley


Marsden Hartley was born in Lewiston, Maine on January 4, 1877.  His mother died in 1885 and by 1889 the family moves to Cleveland, Ohio.  He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and won a scholarship to study in New York in 1899.   He began his formal art training with William Merritt Chase and a year later transferred to the National Academy of Design Art School.  His talent was noticed by the photographer, Alfred Stieglitz, who ran a gallery known as “Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession” and later as 291 where he promoted American and European modernist paintings and drawings.

Marsden Hartley made his first trip to Europe in 1912 becoming friends with a group of German artists gathering in Paris.  He also frequented the salons of Gertrude and Leo Stein.  He moved to Berlin in 1913 and became involved with German Expressionist movement.  In 1915 he had a formal exhibition of his paintings in Berlin.  Due to the advancement of WWI Hartley returned to New York in December 1915.