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Anton Schutz


Schutz was born in Berndorf, Germany in 1894. His studies at the University of Munich were interrupted in 1914 by World War I where he served as a Lieutenant in the German Army. He resumed his studies at the University of Munich in 1919 and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Art. He graduated with a dual degree in architecture and mechanical engineering. In 1924 he emigrated to America and as an established etcher quickly became good friends with Joseph Pennell. He was a very successful artist during the twenties with regular exhibitions at the Anderson Gallery. In 1931 he took over a company he had founded to distribute his etchings called the New York Graphic Society and produced high quality reproductions of old master and contemporary paintings. By the close of World War II the New York Graphic Society was the largest producer of reproductions in the world. He produced his last etchings in 1939 entitled Radio City. Anton Schutz died in White Plains, New York on October 6, 1977.