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Henry Walke


Henry Walke, the artist and famous Naval officer, was born in Princess Anne County, Virginia, on December 24, 1808. His family moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, when he was two and that is where he was educated. On February 1, 1827, he entered the United States Navy as a midshipman. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1839. During the Mexican War, he served as the executive officer of the Bomb Brig Vesuvius which served in the Gulf Squadron under Commodore Matthew C. Perry and participated in the capture of Vera Cruz, Tobasco, Tuxpan, and Alvarado. He reached the rank of Captain in August 1862 and the rank of Rear Admiral in July 1870. Walke was a Union Naval hero in the Civil War and served with great distinction at Pensacola, Forts Henry & Donelson, Fort Pillow, Vicksburg and elsewhere. Later, Walke was dispatched to pursue Confederate cruisers in European waters. He retired from the Navy in April 1871. However, Walke continued an active life as a writer and artist until his death at Brooklyn, New York, in March of 1896.