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John Doyle

1797 - 1868

Dublin-born John Doyle was known by the pen name "HB." He was a policical cartoonist, caricaturist, painter and lithographer. He studied landscape painting under Gaspare Gabrielli and at the Royal Dublin Society's drawing school, studied miniature portraits under John Comerfield. Being commissioned to do equestrian portraits for the Marquess of Sligo and Lord Talbot, the Irish viceroy, led to production of six prints entitled "The life of a Racehorse" 1n 1822. Doyle settled in London where his political cartoons, printed with the new reproductive medium of lithography became successful. He produced these for twenty two years signing them with the letters "HB" constructed out of two Js and two Ds (Doyle's own initials). In the 1840s at the height of his popularity, indexes of HB's prints were published by The Times and the publisher, T. McLean, but his reputation faded. He is considered a founder of the school of British cartoon satirists represented by John Leech, John Tenniel, and his son, Richard Doyle, which established the style made famous by Punch magazine.