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Yvette Lucas

Yvette Lucas is a photographer and printmaker who finds her primary inspiration in nature. Her formal training culminated with a BFA from The Cooper Union, in NYC. and was supplemented by additional studies at Mason Gross School of the Arts, NJ and The School of Visual Arts, NYC. Lucas has studied with Larry Fink, Christine Osinski, and Chip Forelli . In recent years Yvette has explored new media and techniques, embracing various forms of printmaking, pastel and drawing. Her work as a photographer spans several decades, during which she has had extensive experience with traditional and custom darkroom printing. Combined with significant work in commercial and fine art digital prepress Yvette is an uncompromising technician when it comes to the quality and execution of her final prints. Years of experimentation and refinement of her processes has culminated in finished pieces that draw praise from collectors, curators, and fellow artists alike for their quality.

In the last ten years Lucas has participated in solo and regional juried exhibitions in many venues, including the Center for Contemporary Printmaking (Norwalk, CT); the Ben Shahn Galleries at William Paterson College (Patterson, NJ); The George Segal Gallery at Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ), and The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO). She has also extensive relationships with community art centers and commercial galleries including Art Space 129, Brassworks Gallery, Imlay Fine Art Gallery, Virginia S. Block Gallery, Watchung Arts Center, Frameworks Gallery (Dumbo), Haddad Lascano Gallery (MA), and Naoussa Gallery & Sculpture Garden (MA), and she was recently awarded 2 nd prize at Studio Montclair's 13 th Annual exhibit “Discoveries”.

Over the years, Lucas has been fascinated by the work of nature and street/documentary photographers alike; especially inspiring were Larry Fink, Helen Levitt, and John Sexton. Her series “Tree Portraits” are photographs taken of the forests, parks and reservations located primarily in NJ or Berkshire County . In them she perceives a sense of personal place, history, and individual character. When focusing on particular scenes - trees, rocks, bodies of water - Yvette aims to give the viewer a connection to the landscape which is specific, imbued with feeling and meaning, and that elicits each setting's personality. Every image is named based both on the character of the place it depicts, and the effect of the environment on the subject. The series will continue to develop as Yvette often revisits these sites in order to see their evolution over the course of time, deepening her relationship with landscapes and allowing her to further refine her vision.

Artist Statement:
Tree Portraits
This series of tree photographs began in Western Massachusetts in the Southern Berkshire region, a place of retreat and renewal for my family. It is a collection of images that has grown to include the parks, woods, and gardens of other parts of the country especially New Jersey and Massachusetts where I live. As trees grow they are affected by the many elements they come in contact with. Just like us, their environment helps or hinders the growth and final form they take. The subsequent scars, diseases, and catastrophes that may befall each of them create a being that is different from any other tree. To the human viewer these blemishes could be considered beautiful and add to the character and “personality” of a tree as they do people. My photographs focus on the trees that tell stories, awe, or communicate with their environment in a visual and emotional way. Acknowledging the symbiotic relationship we have with them is to remember that we are all part of this complicated system, nature.

Solar Plate Etching / Photo intaglio
These images are intaglio etchings printed from a steel plate that was coated with a light sensitive polymer. The plate is exposed with a film positive using sunlight to etch the image onto the plate. The plates are then inked, hand wiped and printed in small editions. In this series I use a raw sepia for it's large tonal range and warm brown color.

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