The Old Print Shop is featuring the work of four of our contemporary printmakers in this digital and gallery exhibition.  These four artists, two women and two men, have been represented by The Old Print Shop for many years.  Michael Arike is a master of color aquatint and etching.  She uses multiple plates to create her images.  William (Bill) Behnken is a master of dark rich aquatints, although he also likes working in lithography.  Allen Petrulis likes straight-line etching; his images are of New York City and New England.  Emily Trueblood works in relief prints, both wood cut and linoleum cuts, using multiple blocks. If you would like to learn more about each of these artists, please visit their respective bio pages by clicking their name here: Emily Trueblood, Alan Petrulis, Michael ArikeWilliam (Bill) Behnken.

The Old Print Shop began handling contemporary artists in 1992.  We are proud to state that we currently represent over eighty contemporary artists who use printmaking as an expressive art form.  Traditional printmaking is an old art form dating back in Europe to before 1440 and in China almost 2000 years.  It includes relief, wood or linoleum cuts, wood engraving, and metal plate relief; intaglio, etching, engraving, mezzotint, roulette, stipple and other processes that carve a mark or line into a metal plate; lithography, drawn on stone or prepared metal plate; and serigraph, a stencil printing process.  Modern techniques include digital.  In all cases the artist works the medium of his/her choice to get the desired effect for the image being created.