A show for the ghoulish and lovers of the macabre. In this online exhibition we are showcasing the dark, dreary and the haunted. There will be frights! There will be shrieks! There will be... lightness? Well, yes, to a degree. A wide range of macabre is to be found in this show. The works of Peter Milton have an almost supernatural atmosphere with ghost-like figures traversing the world, seemingly unaware of the more terrestrial beings around them. Lynd Ward channels his inner Frankenstein with ghastly wood engravings of the timeless tale. On the other hand, Kerr Eby and Edward Hagedorn use twisted humor to depict a horror all too real; the devastation of war. "Mars - His Idiot" by Eby is particularly devilish. A dimwitted, brutish ogre snatches up soldiers by the fistful to ease his ravenous belly while the skeletal god of war, Mars, watches on with delight. Eby, who had fought in World War I, made the etching in 1937 as a reaction to the looming darkness that would erupt into World War II in 1939.

Take a peek. Have a scare. And, please... do be mindful of the acid!