Venice has been a subject of fascination to artists for centuries. Beautiful, bold and unique in many ways, it is not hard to understand why artists and tourists alike have flocked to this ancient city. It is thanks to the ever-flowing tide of artists, however, that we are able to capture a glimpse of the city's history and many avenues of life. Artists have granted us the ability to stroll down the narrow streets and canals alongside its locals while they go about their daily business. They also grant us a view of its infamous squares and the lavish facades while also gracing us with the ability see how things have changed or remained virtually untouched over the years.

Some of the best works offer a combination of architectural precision and decorative detailing, capturing the monumental quality of Venice. After all, many of the city's buildings were once mansions or warehouses for its many merchants who wished to show off their grand wealth and prestige. Architecture was the most prominent way to achieve this, especially in a city that relied so heavily on its canals. 

This exhibition on Venice features an array of art created throughout the 20th century and is dotted with works from both contemporary and 19th-century artists. Please stop by to see these beautiful pieces in person. The exhibition is being hosted in our second floor gallery.