Treatment and Questioning.

Silver gelatin photograph, 1966.
Photo size: 7 x 9" (179 x 230 mm).
Good condition, save for minor crease in lower right corner. Black & white.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 58788
Price: $575.00
Publisher : Wide World Photos.
Photographed by John Nance. "Le Van Minh, suspected Viet Cong who was taken with his family after a U.S. aerial attack, lies on table of 173rd Airborne Brigade Field Hospital for removal of steel fragments. At the same time, a Vietnamese interrogator leans over Minh to question him about any connection with the Viet Cong. 4/27/66."Stamped on verso "Wide World Photos." 20th Century Subjects , Historical , Miscellaneous