Big Game Bartlett Pears.

Color lithograph, c. 1930's.
Image size 10 7/8 x 7 3/8" (276 x 187mm).
Good condition and color.
LOCATION: Washington D.C.

Inventory Number: 80008
Price: $30.00
Publisher :
Great image of football player with ball, in a stadium. The Big Game is the Cal Berkeley vs Stanford match, the grower graduated from Berkeley. Shipper: Dennis W. Leary. Origin: Walnut Grove, Sacramento Delta CA. Original fruit crate label. Before the use of mass produced cardboard boxes, fruit growers, packers and shippers printed labels and attached them to the wooden fruit crates or boxes used in shipping. Distributors would use catchy titles, images, and slogans to set themselves apart from other fruit brands. 20th Century Subjects