H. Hall

Artist's Biography

W. H. Harrison.

Engraving, 1850-1880.
Paper size 11 7/8 x 9 1/2" (30.2 x 24 cm).
Good condition.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 93157
Price: $25.00
Publisher :
Engd. H.B. Hall's Sons, New York.

William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, 1773 in Virginia. He joined the army in 1791 and was active in Indian fighting in the Northwest. He became Governor of Indiana in 1800. He led the military campaign against the Indians at Tippecanoe, and The Battle of the Thames where Tecumseh was killed. He resigned his position in the army in 1814. He was elected president in 1840 but caught pneumonia and died April 4, 1841, making him the first president to die in office.

About the publisher: Henry Bryan Hall (1808 - 1884) moved to New York in 1850, where he founded the firm H. B. Hall and Sons. He created works featuring important American figures, especially from the colonial and Revolutionary periods. Four of his children became accomplished engravers themselves.
18th-19th Century Subjects , Portraits , Presidents