Balthasar Friedrich Leizelt

Artist's Biography

Vue de Salem.

Copper plate engraving, 1750.
Image size 9 7/8 x 15 5/8" (25 x 39.5 cm) plus margins.
Fair condition.. Several tears within image and narrow margins. Impression quality is good.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 93487
Price: $275.00
Publisher :
View of the wharf of the city of Salem, Massachusetts, by the German artist and engraver Balthasar Friedrich Leizelt. The print shows people engaged in various tasks and loading the boats at the waterfront. Leizelt, who worked in Augsburg, was famous for his scenic and town views of Europe and America. This image, like many others of its time, is a vue d’optique designed to be looked at through an optical viewer which created an illusion of depth in the scene. The image’s title is printed backwards to accommodate the use of mirrors as part of the illusion in a zograscope or similar device. 18th-19th Century Subjects , Town Views - United States , Massachusetts