George Norris

Tallapoosa, Ga. : Haralson Co. : Looking Northwest. 1892.

Lithograph, 1892.
Image size 20 9/16 x 30 7/8" (51.5 x 78.5 cm).
Good condition save for minor overall time-toning. Backed on thin paper. Nicely hand colored.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 93493
Price: SOLD
Publisher : Published by Geo. E. Norris, Brookton, Mass.
Printed by The Burleigh, Lith Co. Troy, N. Y. This bird’s eye view depicts the town of Tallapoosa, Georgia in Haralson County. The county, formed in 1856, was relatively newly established at the time. Tallapoosa, however, had been an established town for many years under a variety of different names, finally taking the name Tallapoosa in 1839. Tallapoosa was initially a gold mining town, but during the late 1800s it entered a period of great industrial prosperity and was known as the ‘Yankee City under a Southern Sun.’ Its prosperity is visible in this fine lithographed map; networks of roads and railroad lines connect buildings and farmland throughout the city, and a variety of trades are represented in the town businesses, including manufacturing, glass works, and real estate.

Roads are labeled on the map, and buildings are drawn with detail and perspective. A key identifies 46 businesses and lists 37 other merchants. The main view of the town is surrounded by fifteen vignettes in the top and bottom margins, including major businesses, industrial centers, hotels, a key to nine churches, and one of Tallapoosa’s claims to fame – the first free school in Georgia, which opened in 1889.
18th-19th Century Subjects , Town Views - United States , Georgia