Heinrich Kiepert

Planiglob der Erde.

Lithograph, 1857.
22 x 27.5" (55.7 x 69.7 cm).
Upper right and left corners missing. Several tears along sheet edges.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 93562
Price: $95.00
Publisher : Published by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar.
Lithographed double hemisphere map from an atlas of the world published by the Geographical Institute of Weimar. The institute was founded in 1804 by Friedrich Justin Bertuch and became known during the 19th century for its globes, books, and maps. The maps covered areas of the world with cartography by notable figures such as Adam Christian Gaspari and Heinrich Kiepert.

This map includes fine topographical detail on the continents, with relief shown by hachures. It also includes lines of latitude and longitude, and labels features on land and in the ocean, including islands and major ocean currents. Views of the southern and northern hemispheres are also shown in smaller maps.