William Toms

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South West Prospect of St. Hellier's Town in Jersey.

Copper plate engraving, c.1735.
12 1/2 x 18 1/2 31.7 x 47 cm) plus narrow margins.
Fair condition only. Several tears, two within the image. Some small areas of loss along engraved "frame", likely because it was pinned onto a wall. Backed onto a sheet of marble paper, definitely period backing. Vertical fold. Should be views as an object.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 93779
Price: $450.00
Publisher : Likely published by Clement Lempriere.
J. Bastide Delin; C. Lempriere Persecit; W. H. Toms Sculp.

This rare separately issued view shows St. Hilier from St. Albins Fort which is across the bay. A numbered key identifies 6 prominent buildings or locations in the town.
The following description appeared in: “Caesarea: Or, an Account of Jersey, The greatest of the Islands remaining to the Crown of England of the ancient Dutchy of Normandy.” London, 1734.
St. Helier is the Head-Town of the whole Island, and the next to it is St. Aubin, which last gives name to the Bay wherein they are both seated, three Miles asunder. It is a Bay of fine white Sand, firm and level, which makes travelling smooth and pleasant from one Town to the other. The Situation of St. Helier is both commodious and delightful. On the South-West it has the Sea, with a full view of Elizabeth Castle, and of the Road for Ships. All round on the North Quarters, it is fenced against cold Blasts, by Hills rising up gradually into the Island. From the bottom of those Hills to the Town lies a flat of Meadows, watered by a clear Stream, which, after it has enriched them, enters the Town, runs along some of the Streets, nay under some of the Houses, so that by a Bucket let down through a Trap-door the Water is brought up with the greatest ease.

J. Bastide (unknown).
Captain Clement Lempriere (1683-1746) was born in St. Hilier. He was an artist, cartographer and general explorer.
William Henry Toms (c.1700-1765) was an English engraver, printer and map and print seller.
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