New York City Centennial Exhibition.

Various mediums - woodcut, linocut, aquatint, etc. 1998.

Artwork is in very good condition. Cloth portfolio case has some wear.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 94339
Price: $4,700.00
Publisher : Published by The Old Print Shop.
In 1998 The Old Print Shop marked its 100th year of operation in New York City. To commemorate this milestone, our gallery hosted an exhibition of prints depicting the very city in which we live and work.

This complete portfolio contains 16 artists, a title page and a table of contents. Each of the prints included has an edition of 75. Originally the first 20 were reserved for use in this special box set, but only 5 sets were ever made.

Artists and works include:
Linda Adato - "Venus in Flushing."
Michael Arike - "Junction Boulevard, Queens."
William Behnken - "Bronx Nocturne."
Robert Conover - "7th Ave and 47th Street."
Michael DiCerbo - "Fluresce II."
Joseph Essig - "Southside Embrace."
Mark Freeman - "Fire Escapes, NY."
Peter Gourfain - "'A' Train."
Richard Haas - "View of Woolworth Building from World Trade Center."
Su-Li Hung - "Chatham Square."
Bill Murphy - "Tompkinsville Backyards."
Richard Pantell - "Summer Twilight."
Richard Sloat - "Harbor Flow."
Nick Sperakis - "Old Hassidic Man in front of the Williamsburg Bridge."
Emily Trueblood - "Night Towers at Union Square."
Karen Whitman - "Hot Lunch."

Inscribed "1" on the title page.
20th Century Subjects , New York City