New England Hotel Association Tours. (Map of New England)

Multi-color offset, 1917.
Image 17 x 14" (43.3 x 35.6 cm)
Good condition and color save, for some wear and minor splits along folds.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 94987
Price: SOLD
Publisher : Published by the New England Hotel Association..
An early automobile driver’s guide map produced by the New England Hotel Association. Better roads are delineated and give distances between towns. Three suggested routes are shown, each by color. Red is the coastal route into Maine; Green, mid-section and Vermont; Blue, western N.E. into the White Mountains. Towns and cities with member hotels are printed in red with the member hotels named below. A description on the map is: “New England is just naturally an exhibition section. Scenic throughout its length and breath, dotted with points of historic interest, it is the birthplace of our literature and national life. By these tokens a splendid touring section, and New England has embodied, in these three tours, a preparation no less splendid.” On the verso seven vignette views of scenes found in New England, a list of the hotels by state and a description of New England. Maps