Pacific Ocean.

Photo-offset, 1943.
25 1/4 x 35 1/4" (63.9 x 89.3 cm).
Good condition save for some soiling around central panel just above cartouche.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 95323
Price: $75.00
Publisher : National Geographic Magazine.
Compiled and drawn in the cartographic section of the National Geographic Society for the National geographic Magazine. Gilbert Grosvenor. Editor. Printed by A. Hoen & Co. Baltimore, MD.

The inset maps in the upper right depict the Hawaiian islands and Pacific territories of the United States, such as Guam, Attu and the Tutuila Easters Samoa.

The inset maps along the lower border depict some of the smaller islands in the Pacific, such as Christmas Island, Malden Island, Tongareva, Timor and Chichi Jima.