William "Bill" O'Neill

Artist's Biography

Yellowstone Panoramic Map.

Lithograph, 1965.
Image size 17 x 45 1/2" (43.4 x 116.8 cm).
Good condition save for some toning along left edge.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 96040
Price: $245.00
Publisher :
A large panoramic map of one of the United States greatest national treasures, Yellowstone Park.

The view is some unusual in that instead of looking towards the north, you are looking towards the south from Montana.

While a guide in Yellowstone Park years back, one of the most common requests I had was for a panoramic picture of the entire area. This way, tourists could, in effect, take the Park home with them. Because the glaciers in the northern hemisphere carved the mountains on the shadow side (north), they are far more dramatic looking if viewed in a southerly direction from the north. This is why I have the viewer facing south. The area shown is approximately equal in size to the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut combined!
Bill O'Neill

On the verso are various scenes within the park.