Richard Saunders

Engraving, 1677.
Image 8 7/8 x 5 11/16" (22.4 x 14.4 cm)
Good condition save for narrrow margins.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 97106
Price: $125.00
Publisher : No artist or publisher given.
Image shows Saunders wearing a cloak and plain collar, holding a book and hap upon a astrological globe.

Richard Saunders (1613-1675) who was an astrologist and doctor.

Saunders was author of "The Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick, deduced from the Position of the Heavens at the Decumbiture of the sick Person: wherein the fundamental Grounds thereof are most clearly displayed and laid open: shewing, by an universal method, not only the Cause, but the Cure and End of all manner of Diseases incident to human Bodies, &c. being the thirty years Practice and Experience of Richard Saunders, Student in Physick and Astrology;''1677; 4to. This portrait appeared as the frontispiece in this work. He was also author of a folio on physiognomy, chiromancy, moles, dreams, &c. of which various extracts and abridgments have been made, and sold by the hawkers. Physiognomy and chiromancy were more respected in the reign of Charles II. than they have been since: they were then regarded as next in dignity to their sister Astrology.
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