Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance

Color lithograph, c.1916.
Image 28 x 36 1/4" (71 x 92 cm).
Fair to good condition. Several small areas of loss along for line which have bee filled in.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 97125
Price: SOLD
Publisher : Published by Stanford's Geographical Establishment, London..
A large map illustrating the various nationalities of the regions which had been conquered or aligned with Germany during World War I, and now would require "reorganization" under the Treaty of Peace.

Below the title is a quote of the allies response to Wilson's note of December 19, 1916:

The civilized world knows that the aims of the Allies include --- the reorganization of Europe, guaranteed by a stable settlement, based alike upon the principle of nationalities and on the right which all peoples, whether small or great, have to the enjoyment of full security and free economic development.

The map illustrates the cultural disbursement of a number of ethnic groups impacted by the war, including Lithuanians, Sorabians, Jewish colonies in Palestine, Nestorians, Armenians, Kurds, Turks, Lazes and a broad disbursement of Greeks, with a note that the figures for the Ottoman Empire are "conjectural." Another interesting note is the areas labeled as "Expropriations of the German Ansiedelungs Commission," which was created in 1886 to allow Prussian Settlers (colonists) to expropriate lands in the lands which formerly belonged to Poland, even if this required taking the lands from the locals without their consent.