The Drexel Industrial Institute, Philadelphia.

Wood engraving, 1890.
Image size 6 3/16 x 9 3/16" (15.6 x 23.9 cm).
Good condition with modern handcolor.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 98570
Price: $55.00
Publisher : Published by Harper's Weekly. June 7, 1890.
Drawn by Charles H. Stephens after the architect's design.

Known today as Drexel University, this wood engraving is a futuristic view of the building to come. The University wouldn't open until 1891, a year after this wood engraving was published. It was officially known as the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry upon opening, a name it would retain until 1936 when it became the Drexel Institute of Technology. In 1970 it acquired university status, thus changing its name to what we know today.

The university was founded by Anthony J. Drexel (1826-1893), a financier and philanthropist who was a partner of Drexel & Co. (later Drexel Burnham Lambert) and one of the founders of Drexel, Morgan & Co. (later J.P. Morgan & Co.).
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