The Ruins of Tweddle Hall, Albany.

Wood engraving, 1883.
Paper size 8 1/4 x 11 1/8" (21 x 28.3 cm).
Good condition with modern handcolor.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 98668
Price: $55.00
Publisher : Published by Harper's Weekly. January 27, 1883.
Once located at the corner of State and North Pearl Street in downtown Albany, the Tweedle Hall auditorium was a premier concert venue from 1860 until its destruction in 1883. It was replaced by the Tweedle Building, an office and store front building without an auditorium, a few years later, which was in turn torn down around 1912 for the Ten Eyck Hotel.

Printed on either side of the wood engraving is a history of the building and historic location. Part of it reads, "Tweddle Hall was built in 1860, and was at that time and for a long while after the only decent assembly-room in the State capital. It was the scene of many notable gatherings and entertainment. Its acoustic properties were peculiarly good, and it was a favorite house with singers, some of the most celebrated of whom have been heard within its walls."
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