John Mead

Sketches of College Life. [Set of three.]

Lithographs, c.1851.
Average image size 8 x 6" (20.2 x 15 cm).
Generally overall good condition, save for some time toning.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 99316
Price: $950.00
Publisher : Published by Tappan & Bradford, Boston.
The sketches were made by John Noyes Mead of the Class of 1851 at Harvard while an undergraduate. He, died while in his fourth year at the age of 19..
When Mead was told that there was no cure for his disease and that he only a short time to live, he replied: "I have had a good time and good friends, for which I feel thankful. Life thus far has been so pleasant, I would stay longer, but it is all for the best as it is, for the years of responsibility, I may not be equal to or fitted to endure, are so near."
18th-19th Century Subjects , Colleges and Universities , Harvard