Charles Simon Pradier

Horace Benedict de Saussure.

12 1/2 x 9 1/4" (317 x 235 mm) plus title and margins.
Generally good condition save for some overall time-toning and occasional light foxing in the paper.
LOCATION: New York City

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Price: $250.00
Publisher : Published in Geneva by Monty, and in Paris by Delpech. Engraved by Charles Simon Pradier.
Considered one of the pioneers of mountain climbing, Horace Benedict de Saussure was one of the most esteemed Swiss scientists of the age. Born in Geneva, Saussure was a botanist by training, but devoted himself to the study of physics and geology. He invented the hygrometer, an instrument which measured the airs humidity, and the first true electrometer, a device which measures electrical potential. Saussure made fourteen geological explorations into the Alps, the findings of which were published in his seminal text, Voyages dans les Alpes. In 1760 he offered a reward of 20 thalers to the first man to scale the summit of Mont Blanc, a feat which was not accomplished until twenty six years later, when Michel-Gabriel Paccard and his porter Jacques Balmat, reached the summit in 1786. Saussure made the third ascent to the summit a year later, where he camped for a fortnight in order to carry out scientific experiments. 18th-19th Century Subjects , Portraits , Famous People