Sandwich Islands

Engraving, 1881 (1885).
Segmented case map, 25 1/2 x 40" (647 x 1020 mm) plus narrow margins.
Very good condition. B/W
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 33339
Price: $1,975.00
Publisher : Published at the Admiralty, 9th April, 1881; under the superintendence of Captain F. J. Evans, R.N. London.
Highly detailed linen backed, segmented case chart in unusually fine condition. This chart shows all the main islands of the Hawaiian chain. Insets include Bird island, Honolulu and Pearl Lochs, and Honolulu Harbor. Noted and colored are all the lighthouses in the areas covered. Credit for sounding are given to the U.S. Ship Tuscarora, 1874 and H.M.S. Challenger, 1875. "The names of the islands engraved lightly within brackets are the original names assigned by Captain Cook in 1779." Bears two applied labels for Edward Stanford, "sole agent by appointment for the sale of Ordnance Maps" London. Originally published in 1881, this chart has had updates or corrections to 1888. Engraved by Edward Weller. Maps