Henri Chatelain

Carte du Gouvernement de l’Amerique.

Copper plate engraving printed on fine laid paper, 1721
13 1/4 x 17 1/2" (337 x 445 mm) plus wide margins.
Very good condition. Black and white.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 36610
Price: $275.00
Publisher : Published in Amsterdam by L’Honore & Chatelain.
This handsome chart depicting the European possessions in North and South America, is a wonderful example of Chatelain’s elegant maps. Included in the 1721 edition of Atlas Historique, published by Chatelain in Amsterdam, this large chart is the thirty-eighth map in volume one. One of the most fascinating plates in the atlas, this fine engraving outlines the division of European possessions across North and South America. The sheet is comprised of a large central table which lists the principle governmental infrastructures, ecclesiastical organizations, and geographical delineations. A key identifying the principal locations of the European possessions is also provided, along with a lengthy historical note. A small inset map of North and South America shows California as an island and New Mexico extending across most of western North America up into Canada. The plate is also adorned with a set of finely drawn images depicting the various offices of government. By combining a wealth of information and geographical observation, with delicate engraving and an uncomplicated composition, this elegant plate is a superb example from the golden age of French mapmaking. Maps