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Fred S. Cozzens


Frederick S. Cozzens (1846-1928) was born on Staten Island in 1846 and is one of Americas best known marine artists. His preferred medium was watercolor, and he began his career as an illustrator working for Harpers Weekly, the Daily Graphic, and Leslie's Magazine. He is best known for the chromolithograph series "American Yachts, Their Clubs and Races," published 1883-84 by Charles Scribner & Sons. It contained 27 images after Cozzens watercolors. Most of the original watercolors used to make "American Yachts" are now in the New York Yacht Club. In 1892 he was commissioned to produce "Our Navy, Its Growth and Achievements" another chromolithograph series.

As an artist he produced many remarkable marine images, including America Cup yacht races, many different yacht club races, bucolic beach scenes, and harrowing scenes of marine rescues.