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Honore Daumier


Honore-Victorin Daumier was a prolific French artist, best known for his social and political caricatures. Over the course of his life, Daumier produced 5,000 prints (4,000 lithographs, 1,000 wood engravings) [1], two of which drew the ire of King Louis-Philippe, who had him imprisoned for six months in 1832. Incarceration didn't seem to faze Daumier, as he returned to his usual antics after being let out, which included attacking the regime for its treatment of its citizens. It goes without saying that Daumier was an ardent supporter of the French Revolution when it kicked off in 1848.

Although less recognized for his efforts, Daumier has come to be known as one of the first Impressionists in France. Largely working in lithographic format, his impressionist work tended to be overlooked not only his peers but by historians as well.


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