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Richard Sloat

b. 1945

Painter, printmaker and lecturer, Sloat was born in Easton, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Manhattan. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania with Rackstaw Downes and at The Art Students League with Roberto Delamonica.  As a graphic artist he works primarily creating intaglio and relief prints.  He has lectured in New York and California, has had numerous one artist shows, and won many awards for his work.  Sloat likes to build his images  and many of his images have multiple states as additional work is completed on the image.  He is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA) and the National Academy.

Richard Sloat has work in the permanent collections of the Art Students League, NY; British Museum; UK; Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University, CT; Duxbury Museum, MA;  Florean Museum, Carbunari, Romania; Fogg Museum, Harvard University, MA; Georgetown University Collection, Washington, DC; International Graphics Museum, Giza, Egypt; Israel Museum; Kanagawa Arts Foundation, Japan; Library of Congress Washington, DC; Museum of the City of New York, NY; National Academy of Design Museum, NY; National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; National Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam; National Museum of History, Taiwan; New York Historical Society, NY; Portland Art Museum, OR; The Print Collection, Boston Public Library, MA; The Print Collection, Newark Public Library, NJ; The Print Collection, New York Public Library, NY; among others.

Some of the many awards Richard has received are Springfield Art Museum Cash Award;  Jack Richeson Gold Brush Award;  Audubon Artists; The John Taylor Arms Award; Janet Turner National Print Competition; Joseph M. Kaveney Memorial Award;  Alfred D. Crimi Award (watercolor); Broome Street Gallery Invitational: Purchase Prize; American Artists Award; Audubon Artists: Savoir Faire-Lana Paper Award; Print Club of Albany: Rebe and Dave Williams Prize; National Academy of Design: Leo Meissner Prize; National Academy of Design: Leo Meissner Prize; and the Washington Square: First Presbyterian Church Award.

Artist Statement:
To me to be an artist printmaker is to be in love with the graphic medium. Woodcut and etching has been my field of creation. Both these forms of prints exude a visual clarity and depth of feeling. We, in viewing them, are tied into the visual world at an essential level, an affirmation of our own life's journey. Both woodcut and etching are transformative mediums that force the artist and print viewer to see and think of the world in a specific, graphic way. One type of transformation takes place as the artist works out the image on the etching plate or woodcut block. The working must be indirect, essentially a drawing is changed into a print. One can think of a Durer drawing which is not the same as a Durer woodcut, or a Rembrandt drawing which is not the same as his etching. The image can be only revealed when a print is pulled. Even for an experienced printmaker, this can be a truly magical transformation. Another part of this transformation is that one must think in terms of the medium in viewing the outside world. A print necessitates a simplicity, the extracting of the essential, form, line, light and shadow. If done well this gives clarity to the phantasmagoria of viewing the world, and brings us to its visual essence, which is so satisfying, the world seen afresh. Beyond the lovely feeling of visual pleasure, if we are not cynics, we attain and confirm meaning to our being. Our world is larger, more interesting, of deeper feeling and yes even more beautiful.

Sloat video art "Tea Party Republican Tax Pledge."