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Bill Perlmutter


Bill Perlmutter was born in New York City on September 5, 1932.  He studied still photography and cinematography with Hans Richter, Leo Seltzer, and Arnold Eagle at the City College of New York from 1950 to 1954.  After graduating he was drafted into the US army and was a staff photographer in West Germany for the army's news paper for two years.  In the mid 1950's as an Army Signal Corps photographer he traveled most of the major cities in Europe.  There he captured many memorable images of Europe recovering from WWII he especially liked photographing children as he says "I loved to walk down those narrow cobblestone streets and come upon a group of children doing what children everywhere do best – have fun."

After leaving the army he became a staff photographer for Paris After Dark and a group of adventure magazines.  From 1960 until 1994 he worked as a freelance photographer in the United States, Mexico and Europe.  His photographs were published in the New York Times, US Camera, Modern Photography and Life Magazine.  Since 1994 he has worked on many projects including Central Park Shadow and Light, New York One More Time, and Return to Ground Zero.  Bill Perlmutter's work is in numerous museums and his work has been published for over 40 years. 

Museum Collections

The Museum of Modern Art
Whitney Museum of American Art
Museum of the City of New York
Corcoran Museum of Art
The Smithsonian Museum
Portuguese Center of Photography