The Old Print Shop

Maya Hardin

b. 1975

Maya Hardin was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1975.  She received her B.A. from Dartmouth College and continued her studies in New York City at the Art Students League.  Hardin has participated in workshops exploring multi-plate, multi-color etching techniques in Barga, Italy and with Sweitlan N. Kraczyna in Olomouc, Czech Republic.  Maya Hardin has been represented by The Old Print Shop since 2004.  Her work has been shown internationally. 

"I discovered printmaking during my studies as an art major at Dartmouth. From my first etching class - even from the very first simple mono print - I felt an immediate affinity for the medium. Learning to work within any artistic medium is really like learning a new language. Etching for me felt like a very familiar language. I enjoyed every step of the printmaking process as much as the final product. I love the relationship that you have to develop with each piece of copper that comes to you so clean and full of promise, and I feel a responsibility to use it well and fulfill that promise. Because of this relationship with the plate and paper, acid and ink, the impression that you create in the end is all the more rich and full of surprises. I work on broadening the range of etching methods at my disposal and like to mix soft-ground, hard-ground, aquatint and drypoint techniques in the search for the wonderful textures unique to printmaking. I'm also exploring multi-plate, multi-color techniques that I've recently studied in workshops in both the Czech Republic and Italy."

“…I find that New York City is an endlessly inspiring subject.  Its people, its buildings, its theater and art, its layers of indoor and outdoor worlds, all these have enriched my life and my art as they have so many artists before me.”