The Old Print Shop

Jack Gescheidt

"I think the tribal and ancient cultures were much more connected to trees than our culture, whether by living or hunting in them or simply feeling their presence spiritually. It's only a more modern, technological culture that has lost sight of that. I'm now spending hours really looking and seeing trees, to try to reestablish that connection." "I create the photographs with the heartfelt and ongoing participation of numerous volunteers, not paid models. Fellow nature-loving women and men, emotionally moved by these images of interconnected humans and trees, are invited to participate. Each gathering is chronicled in a unique photograph on medium format film, then scanned at high resolution and printed on archival paper with the consummate control digital printing technology now affords. "A professional photographer since 1987, Jack is the son of two professional photographers, Alfred Gescheidt and Rae Russell. With 'The TreeSpirit Project, Jack combines his lifelong passion for nature, his love of photography and people, and his support of organizations that preserve green space & wilderness. Born and raised in New York City and Westchester County, he now lives in San Francisco.