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Mary Manusos

Mary Manusos was born in San Diego, California, and studied at San Diego State University and at University of Wisconsin at Madison.  She has taught at University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R. I., and Ohio State University, Athens, OH.  Mary Manusos has participated in over 20 single artist shows and received nine grants. She has written numerous books including d'Art Objects and Woman's Self Image. Manusos has work is in the collections of: The Museum of Modern Art, NY;  Tweed Museum, MN; University of Minnesota Duluth, MN; Cleveland Museum, OH; and the Library of Congress, Washington, DC; among many others. 

“My intentions have been to create a sense of a temporal time and space because of the way I combined my subject matter, color, handmade paper, and print.  I used the print because of its aggressive nature on top of the softness of the poured dyed handmade paper.   The time it took to make the plates and the paper allowed me to see the possibilities of the final form each artwork has taken.  The layers of colors and space create infinite possibilities.”