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Benjamin Bellows Grant Stone


Landscape artist. Studied with Benjamin Champney and Jasper Cropsey.

Benjamin Bellows Grant Stone (1829-1906) was born and raised in Belmont, Massachusetts. He had a passion for painting and was a minor artist of the second generation of the Hudson River School landscape painting movement. He was married to Mary Allen (DuBois) Stone. In 1862 he enlisted for a three-year tour of duty with the 14th Massachusetts Regiment of Infantry, which was later re-organized as the 1st Massachusetts Regiment Heavy Artillery. He mustered in as a second lieutenant on March 20, 1862, and was promoted to first lieutenant on August 23, 1863. He received an honorable discharge because of disability on December 1, 1863. After the war, he and his wife moved to Catskill, New York, where he painted until his death.