The Old Print Shop

Jean-Jose Ferreira-Lopes

b. 1965

Jean-Jose Ferreira-Lopes was born in Poitiers, France, in 1965.  He attended the Academie Julian in Paris during the late 1980’s and graduated in 1991 from the Graduate School of Graphic Arts Penninghen (FASE), Paris. Ferreira-Lopes discovered printmaking in 1994 at a workshop of Fine Arts at Chaville under the direction of Andre Bongibault.  He immersed himself in classic printmaking techniques learning the skills of etching, aquatint, drypoint and engraving.  Since 1996 he has devoted himself exclusively to his work as a fine artist and began to exhibit his work internationally.  

Ferreira-Lopes is a master of constructing mixed media collages from paint, paper, drawing, printmaking – cutting, tearing, scraping, staining, overlays and transparency.  He brings together color, pattern, texture, and line diversity - creating unique visual poems.