The Old Print Shop

Jessica de Vreeze

For Jessica, the right moment is now. Jessica is a French-American visual artist, born in Paris and now based in Miami. Praised to enter the Beaux-Art in Paris she was too young. Accepted in Master of Arts Appliqués in La Sorbonne Paris, she took a train to Luxembourg. After spending years as a lawyer, she switched careers to become the Visual Artist she has always been.

Her life has always revolved around art but it’s only later in life that she pursued art as a career. She is a life’s lover. Today, translating her take on life into art is not only her primary focus, but her calling.

Self-taught in photography she is influenced and inspired by Fauvism. When Jessica composes, her raw emotions are leading, grasping unexpected details.

The artist’s works reflect the soul of places she encountered through her multicultural background. Her creations are both thoughtful and dreamy. Her positive energy will embrace you and welcome you in.

For Jessica, “life is art, and art is an essential part of life”.

Solo show : A first exhibition in May 2016, 287 Gallery Chelsea, NYC, "Portrait d'Atmosphère" Volume 1, the River Club, NYC in June 2016, Maison Harlem, NYC in June 2017, Organisation mondiale de la francophonie (UN) from 22 March - 20 April 2018, in NYC, Consulate General of Luxembourg, and again in September 2017- March 2018 Consulate Geeneral of Luxembourg in New York City.  Breda, The Netherlands July 2018, Luxembourg City, July to September 2018, Portrait d'Atmosphere 4.0. Miami December 2018. Group Show: Apa Fine art show : Proofsheet, The Old Print Shop NYC, April -May 2018, Frame Experience Miami January- March2019. Upcoming show in duo at the Old Print Shop June 2019.