The Old Print Shop

Neal Einfeld


Born in Brooklyn and studied at the Art Students League and a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA).  Professional gambler since college days.

“Like many others, I drew much as a child.  Many years later, I was reintroduced to painting by my wife, Laura.  I fell in love with art and was soon spending 12 hours at a time working on a self portrait.  Laura and I registered full time at the Art Students League studying figure drawing and artistic anatomy.  I also studied painting, and printmaking at A.S.L. Drawing in nearby Central Park led to a lifelong love of landscape. The first painting I sold was to a passerby. I have executed many cityscapes and portraits.”

“Starting with a blank surface and ending with an image is magical.  Art has been used to arouse thought and emotion since the prehistoric cave paintings, and probably long before.”

“I usually discover an appealing scene and start working. I rarely have a finished, complete picture in mind. The work sort of develops itself. I add (and sometimes subtract) until satisfied with the image.”

“Working in the two very different mediums of woodcut and etching/aquatint allows for a wide range of technique.  Although the Japanese and others carved extremely fine lines, for me, woodcut lends itself to bold lines and shapes. I often add color, or have an idea of color to start. On the other hand etching/aquatint makes me think of fine lines and subtle tonal expression.  I try to choose the medium that best fits my vision.”