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Theodor Kotschy & Johann Joseph Peyritsch

Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy (1813-1866) was an Austrian botanist and explorer, born in what was then-known as Austrian Silesia. The son of a pomologist, it is of little surprise that Kotchy had an inkling for botany himself. From 1836-1862, he began traveling extensively through the Middle East and Northern Africa, where he gathered a monumental collection of over 300,000 plant specimens. He had such a profound influence in the world of botanical research that his name became part of the botanical classification system we used today; the Kotschya genus of legumes, in the family Fabaceae, was named after him. Additionally, the Kotschy’s gecko and Ophrys kotschyi (better known as the Cyprus bee orchid) were also named after him.

Kotschy authored six botanical books between 1843-1967.


Johann Joseph Peyritsch (1835-1889) was an Austrian botanist and physician at the Vienna General Hospital. He co-authored Plantae Tinneanae (1867) with Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy. He became the professor of botany at University of Innsbruck in 1878. The plant genus Peyritschia, in the family Poaceae, was named after him.