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Bruce Byers

Bruce Byers has spent over 35 years perfecting the art of observing. With a wealth of professional experience matched with a sensitive eye, Byers captures his observations photographically with evocative results. The images reflect a range of emotions, immersing the viewer in a world of private moments that most of us would otherwise miss. Unstaged and unstructured, these images reflect spontaneous moments of introspection, isolation, joy, serenity and playfulness. The genuine feelings communicated in Byers work represent the true spirit of life in its everyday guise.

Byers has traveled all over the world preserving his observations on film. He explains, "I am intrigued by the emotional power of an individual's private reveries, typically unobserved by the outside world."

I have been capturing images for many years.  My photographs define my life with a focus on time.  Each image tells a story of past, present, and future.  My viewers connect, relate, and embrace the experience as their own.   

My idea is to give the viewer the feeling that there is a past, present and a future in each image. Because they are incomplete stories, the usually viewer projects his own experiences and completes the story in their own mind. My hope is that they look at the image a little longer than most photographs and therefore remember them.


Capturing The Moment

You are invited to glimpse the world around you through the eyes of Bruce Byers, a photographer who has refined the art of observation. The world goes on around us, yet rarely do we stop to take notice.  Every face has a story, every story is part of a lifetime, and most of it occurs without witness.  A child gazes in wonderment, long-lost friends rejoice in meeting once again, an old man sits paused in thought, or there is an amazing juxtaposition of images that vanishes within seconds.

Byers has an innate ability to capture special moments and immerse the viewer in a world of private reflection that often goes unnoticed.  Unstaged and unstructured, his works of art reflect spontaneous moments of introspection, isolation, joy, serenity, playfulness, and love.  His images become hauntingly etched in the mind’s eye — so evocative that they are difficult to forget.

"Moments in Time" is a collection of fine art black-and-white photography taken from the heart of Bruce Byers representing the true spirit of life in its everyday guise. "I am fascinated by the emotional power of an individual’s private reveries which are typically unobserved by the outside world," notes Byers.  And his ability to capture these moments has evolved throughout the years.

Born in Reno, Nevada, the Byers family relocated to the East Coast when Bruce was three, and just six short years later his ability to capture these unique moments in time began.  In his junior year in high school, Byers met art teacher Andy Ward, who became his mentor and launched the young photographer on his quest to capture portraits and street moments.

Byers, based in New York City since 1975,has done a wide variety of photography work including people photography, high fashion, travel, and advertising.  Byers was instrumental in working with The Old Print Shop, a very established gallery, to create a section for photography.  In working with Robert Newman, the owner of The Old Print Shop, Byers helped develop the Fine Art Photography part of the gallery and was its first photographer exhibitor with a show of his work in April of 2000.  Since then he has had shows in New York City, Germany and Holland.