Vintage Valentines

January 31, 2017

The Old Print Shop has a wide selection of vintage Valentines. Traditionally crafted or assembled by hand, it was not until the twentieth century that these heartfelt greetings were heavily commercialized. Hallmark, for instance, first started printing them in 1913. Due to the handcrafted nature, these cards still, to this day, make a unique gift to share with a loved one. Below are a few examples of what we have in stock with links to their given sections if you wish to see more.

3D with Honeycomb
Alpha Media
To My Valentine. : My heart is red : your eyes are blue : my love for you : is sweet and true. c.1890.


3D Stand-up and Pop-up
Alpha Media
I'll give thee my heart, then at least thou wilt see, : There is nothing within it, my sweetheart, but thee. c.1880.

Alpha Media
Rose of Sharon, Spotless Flower, Save Us, Holy Jesus. c.1870

Paper Lace
Alpha Media
Never, oh never, : Another can be; : So gentle, so kind, : And so smiling at thee.  c.1885.

Alpha Media
It's "Plane" to see that I'm your Valentine. c.1930.

Alpha Media
"A Game of Hearts." 1909.

Other categories include:

Made Between 1850-1900 (excluding paper lace)
Made Before 1850
Easel Backed
Uniquely handmade