The Old Print Shop



Every two years we have a show featuring a group of our contemporary artists who have created new work.  To me, this show is a lot of fun.  There are images for everyone:  abstract, figurative, cityscapes, landscapes, and still lifes.   The prints are priced to fit everyone’s budget from $200 to $3,500.  I feel strongly that these artists represent a great value to collectors of art today.  The future is unknown; however, no matter what happens you will get to live with great works of art for many years.   The value of collecting art cannot be calculated.

For over 500 years western artists have been using printmaking as an expressive art form.  The first printmaking medium used was relief, often referred to as woodcut.  Then intaglio in the form of engravings appeared, followed years later with etching.  The end of the eighteenth century saw the development of lithography; the early twentieth century saw screen printing; and the late twentieth century saw digital printmaking.