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Joseph Reed,

  • ARTIST: Pierre Eugene du Simitiere

  • PUBLISHER: Engraved by B.L. Prevost, Paris.

  • MEDIUM: Line engraving with etched border,

    DATE: 1781.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 6 1/2 x 5" (16.7 x 12.8 cm) with margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia. Joseph Reed (1741-1785) was a Pennsylvania lawyer and statesman. He served as Adjutant General while a colonel in the Continental Army. He left the army for a political career in 1777. In 1778, he was elected a member of Congress, and signed the Articles of Confederation. British commissioner Governor Johnstone addressed private letters to Mr. Reed, Mr. Laurens, Mr. Dana, and Mr. Morris offering them various incentives to lend themselves to the British side. He caused information to be secretly communicated to General Reed, that, if he would exert his abilities to promote reconciliation, 10,000 sterling English pounds and the most valuable office in the colonies would be at his disposal. Reed's answer was, “I am not worth purchasing; but, such as I am, the King of Great Britain is not rich enough to do it."

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Proof before title.

  • CONDITION: Good condition. Black & white.