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La Bartavelle. (Rock Partridge.) Plate 231.

  • ARTIST: Francois Nicolas Martinet

  • MEDIUM: Etching with originalhand color,

    DATE: 1770-86.

  • EDITION SIZE: Sheet size 19 1/8 x 13 3/4" (485 x 348 mm). Image size 8 1/2 x7" (215 x 178 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From "Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux" by George Louis LeClerc, le Comte de Buffon, Philib. Gueneau de Montbeillard, l'Abbe, Gabriel Leopold Charles Aime Bexon and Edme Louis Daubenton. Published in Paris, Grand-papier folio edition. Due in large part to Martinet's skill, "This edition was certainly the most ambitious and comprehensive bird book which had appeared at the time of its publication, and ranks still as one of the most important of all bird books from the Collector's point of view." - Sitwell.


  • CONDITION: Good condition with original color.

  • REFERENCE: Sitwell, Fine Bird Books, (bibliography, Buffon)