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Ruins of the Merchant's Exchange N.Y. : After the Destructive Conflagration of Decbr. 16 & 17, 1835.

  • ARTIST: J. Bufford

  • PUBLISHER: N. Currier's Press. Published by J. Disturnell 156 Broadway & J. H. Bufford, 10 Beekman St.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph,

    DATE: 1835

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 9 3/16 x 12 1/16" (230 x 311 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: This is one of the earliest major N. Currier lithographs. The fire represented is one of the worst in New York City's history. The temperature on December 16th was a bone chilling -17 degrees. The firemen had to chop holes in the ice in the East River to get water which then froze in the hand pumpers. The fire burned out of control for almost two days fed by gale-force winds blowing from the northwest. Much of lower Manhattan was burned including the New York Stock Exchange and most of Wall Street. The fire began on Merchant Street (now called Beaver Street).

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Lacking lower publication line of "Published by J. Disturnell 156 Broadway & J. H. Bufford, 10 Beekman St." and "Copyright by J. H. Bufford, 1835."

  • CONDITION: Fair condition only. Title there but lower lines missing. To neat line of top margin. Image is otherwise okay.

  • REFERENCE: Conningham #5253.