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Hudson River - Looking South from Battery Knox, West Point.

  • ARTIST: Benjamin Bellows Grant Stone

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Goupil & Co. London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

  • MEDIUM: Two-stone lithograph,

    DATE: 1859

  • EDITION SIZE: 12 3/4 x 18 7/8" (32.4 x 479 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: Sketched from Nature by B. G. Stone. Drawn on stone by Charles Parsons. Printed by Endicott & Co.<br><br> Key in title identifies landmarks, left to right, they are: Beverly House and Riding Hill.<br><br> One of a series by Stone of views in and around West Point on the Hudson River. There are no records on how many views are in the set, or if they were even done as a set. All were produced in a very similar size and format which gives credence to the likely hood of being part of a series. Quite rare. Not in Deak, "Picturing America".


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Lower publication partially trimmed. Uncolored.

  • REFERENCE: Not in Deak.