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San Francisco, 1849.

  • ARTIST: Henry Firks

  • PUBLISHER: Copyright 1886 by Max Burkard, San Francisco, Cal.

  • MEDIUM: Three-color lithograph,

    DATE: 1886.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 15 1/2 x 31 7/8" (393 x 810 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Drawn on the spot by Henry Firks. Schmidt Label @ Litho. Co. S. F. Cal. For sale by all Principal Art & Book Stores. Latest edition corrected by a Committee of pioneers, consisting of Richard M. Sherman - William Heath Davis - Ferdinand Vassault. 62 numbered keys identifying buildings, boats and streets. There are many different states and issues of this, the most famous view of San Francisco. Reps in Views and View makers of Urban America" states that there were three "states" of this print in 1849 + later issues. This would then be listed as a later issue. The black information stone has been changed slightly in this state. The numbers have been changed and names have been added to the major buildings and the streets. This also has two additional tint stones as the earlier states usually only had one. The sky tint stone with rounded corners and a beige tint stone for the buildings in the foreground.


  • CONDITION: Good condition save for minor toning.

  • REFERENCE: Reps #304.

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