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Lethe Estate, on Great River. St. James and Hanover. : Plate 22.

  • ARTIST: Jospeh Kidd

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph handcolored,

    DATE: c. 1838.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image Size 8 x 12 3/8" (205 x 316 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From Nature & on Stone, by J.B. Kidd S.A. W. Clerk, Lithog 202 Highl Holborn, London. Issued in part 2. Joseph Bartholomew Kidd crafted a series of folio sized lithographs views of the West Indies comprising of Picturesque Scenery, Estates and Principal Towns and other such imagery of Jamaica. The fifty loose folio views are a part of his “West Indian Scenery Illustrations” collection created in the mid 1800’s and published by Smith, Elder & Co. in London and James Wallace & Co. in Kingston. The series is extremely rare and was created during his apprenticeship.


  • CONDITION: Fair condition and color with 9in diagonal tear proceeding into the image, professionally repaired. Backed on rice paper.