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a. Papaver Corniculatum Luteum Minus. b. Papaver Corniculatum Phoeniceum Hirsutum. c. Papaver Corniculatum Rubrum. d. Papaver Erraticum majus Flore Pallido. N. 787.

  • ARTIST: Johann Weinmann

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Ratisbon, Germany.

  • MEDIUM: Engraving printed in color and finished by hand,

    DATE: 1737-45.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 14 1/2 x 9 3/4" (369 x 247 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From Johann Wilhelm Weinmann's "Phytanthoza Iconographia". This beautiful work provides a nearly complete record of the flowers, fruits and vegetables cultivated in the early 18th century. The plates are among the earliest examples of color printing from a single plate.


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color save for some minor foxing.

  • REFERENCE: Dunthorne 327.